Broward County School Board votes to keep mask mandate in place

Posted at 3:33 PM, Aug 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-11 10:31:46-04

In a vote of 8-1, the Broward County School Board has voted to keep their mask mandate for students in place for the upcoming school year. The only exception will be for students with medical conditions, as stated in the current policy. The board plans to hire outside legal counsel to challenge the state’s rules and executive order.

"They deserve to not live at risk of catching a highly contagious life-threatening virus," said a parent.

A heated discussion that’s been going on for weeks: should students and faculty wear masks on campus this upcoming school year?

The concern comes as the delta variant continues to drive increased cases and hospitalizations in Florida.

I do feel like maybe mandating a little bit longer is the right way to go," said Nikki Levine, parent.

But some parents and faculty weren’t in favor of having their children wear masks in school.

"If they choose to mask their child, great mask your child but parents should have a choice," said a parent.

I don’t feel comfortable with my son having to go to school and having to wear a mask the entire day, five days a week. I don’t think it’s very healthy for kids to do that," said a parent.

The Florida governor’s office said Monday that the state board of education could move to withhold the salaries of superintendents and school board members who disregard the governor’s executive order that effectively prohibits mask mandates in school districts.

Desantis reiterated that it’s a parent’s right to decide if their child wears a mask in school.

"We got to start putting our kids first. We got to look out for their education. Is it really comfortable for them," said DeSantis.

At least five counties have instituted mask mandates, including Broward County.