Florida Laid Off Workers Looking for Answers

Posted at 1:33 PM, Mar 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-26 13:37:03-04

The State tells us on Tuesday alone, 31,000 people filed for unemployment benefits in Florida. And for some, they say filing online has been a nightmare.

“I can't claim my weeks, I can't collect benefits. How long has this been going on? Since Friday.”

Geneva Jarman is out of work and out of patience. Filing for unemployment on the Florida jobs website for her, results in an error message. She came here to the career center for help.

“I came Tuesday and I'm here again today and now today they're completely closed yesterday they weren't letting anyone in at all.”

The center is closed now, directing people to the state's website and phone call center. It's something Deborah Remson has been trying to do without results since she started an application last week.

“I can't go any further there isn't any place to click on the website to try and get help, I've made phone calls I've googled. Its rejecting your license, your Florida driver's license? Yes.”

Just trying to start an application, we discovered, took time. A system we are told that is now being flooded with traffic.

“if you are having trouble filing your claim please try again later and please continue to try throughout the day and throughout the evening with the increased volume and users our system is moving slower.”

The department says it's expanding server capacity, as well as adding workers and hours to their call center. But the delays are proving costly everyday for the unemployed.

“Everyone in my house me and my son, my husband everyone has been laid off there's no income coming period.”

Patience is in short supply but The State Department of Economic Opportunity says that's all they can recommend as they try to improve service.