How Feeding South Florida Is Helping the Hungry During the Coronavirus

Where South Florida Can Pick up a Free Meal from Non-profit Organizaton
Posted at 2:34 PM, Apr 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-17 14:34:18-04

Feeding South Florida is doing its best to keep up with the increasing demand to distribute food to those in need.

They held a drive-thru food distribution on Thursday, April 16th, in Pembroke Pines.

“As you can see, we are feeding people that are needy in this pandemic. We want to thank the South Florida Food Distribution. We want to thank over 200 volunteers, our first responders, our staff, and our commissioners here. We’ve had people lined up since 6 a.m.,” said Frank Ortis, Mayor of Pembroke Pines.

“We in Pembroke Pines are just nothing more than extremely happy to be able to provide, just as we do in any other disaster. And just like any other disaster, there always is a recovery. We’re going to recover from this and we’re going to come back stronger than ever, just like we do every time we encounter any kind of disaster,” said Tom Good, Pembroke Pines Commissioner.

Feeding South Florida, a non-profit organization, has seen demand increase by 600% during the coronavirus pandemic. For more information and to find out where they will be distributing food, visit their COVID-19 response web site: