Miami-Dade releases COVID contact tracing app

Posted at 3:17 PM, Sep 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-16 15:17:45-04

Miami-Dade released a new way for the county to combat COVID-19, and it's through an app.

On Wednesday county mayor Carlos Gimenez announced the release of a new contact tracing app called Combat Covid MDC. The mayor said the app requires no personal information, no GPS or location data is tracked, and all the information is encrypted.

"There is absolutely no reason to feel that big government is tracking your every move, it's really about protecting you," Gimenez said.

Combat COVID uses Bluetooth connection to anonymously notify users if they have been near someone else who has the app and has self reported that they have COVID. If the app shows you have been near someone, the mayor recommends isolating and getting tested right away.

The app will work alongside contact tracers from the state health department who reach out to those who have tested positive by phone.

The mayor pushed for residents not to hang up on contact tracers and answer all of their questions to help keep others safe.

"I remember about a month ago everything was about contact tracing," he said. "Well now that we have the spread down, it is about contact tracing. We need your help to answer the phone, answer the questions."

The app is available in English, Spanish and Creole, and is available for both iPhone and Android users. Palm Beach county is using the same app, and Broward county is considering it, the mayor said.