Miami-Dade students heading back to school on Oct. 5

Students will return on a staggered schedule
Posted at 10:11 AM, Sep 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-30 16:39:38-04

On Tuesday, the Miami-Dade School Board voted unanimously to authorize superintendent Alberto Carvalho to reopen schools beginning Oct. 5.

Any student whose parents opted for the Schoolhouse model in July will return to school on Monday. The county is using a phased-in approach, bringing students back by grade level, which will be completed by Friday, Oct. 9. Students whose parents selected the My School Online option will remain in distance learning.

Parents have already begun receiving cards in the mail reminding them of which option they chose. Students will have to present these cards to enter their schools on their return date.

This is the break down of how students will return to schools:

Monday 10/5 to Friday 10/9:

  • Elementary schools: pre-k, kindergarten, first grade
  • K-8 centers: pre-k, kindergarten, first grade
  • Combination schools: pre-k, kindergarten, first grade
  • ESE Modified Curriculum: All Grades

Wednesday 10/7 to Friday 10/9:

  • Elementary school: second grade through fifth grade
  • K-8 centers: second grade through sixth grade
  • High school: ninth grade and 10th grade
  • Combination schools: second grade through sixth grade, ninth grade and 10th grade

Friday 10/9:

  • K-8 centers: seventh and eighth grade
  • Middle school: seventh and eighth grade
  • High school: 11th and 12th grade
  • Combination school: seventh and eighth grade, 11th and 12th grade

Beginning Oct. 7, all high school schedules will go back to a 7:20 am start time for those online and in person.

So, what safety measures will be taken?

Schools will look very different once students return. Students will be kept socially distant and are required to wear masks while at school. Faculty and staff will also be wearing masks. There will be increased sanitizing and cleaning, especially for high-touch areas.

The biggest change to schools will be the isolation rooms. If a student begins to show symptoms of COVID-19, they will be placed in an isolation room and receive a screening from trained personnel. A parent or guardian will be contacted immediately. The school board is urging parents not to send their child to school if they are feeling sick.

If your child rides the bus they will be seated one student per seat, and have hand sanitizing stations for when they get on and off. All buses will be sanitized daily between morning and afternoon routes.

When you drop off your student in the morning there will be dedicated entrances around campus to minimize crowds. Parents are encouraged to explain to their children the importance of wearing their mask all day at school, from when they leave the car until they get back in it.

For lunch, students will be served with single-use containers and will eat their meals in a socially distanced environment. All cafeteria staff will also have the necessary PPE to keep themselves and students safe.

There will be sings around the schools marking designated entrances and exits, and socially distant markers on the floor. Signs showing which way to walk down hallways and which stairways go up or down will also be placed.