These Local Comic Shops are Taking Precautions and are Still Open

Posted at 10:49 AM, Mar 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-31 12:32:13-04

As many of you know, local businesses are struggling to stay open. This also includes local comic book shops.

Knowhere Comics and Multiverse Corps. Comics are some of the few South Florida shops finding ways to stay open during these difficult times.

With recent cancellations and postponements from major conventions, like MegaCon and Florida Supercon, staying open is now harder than ever for Knowhere Comics.

“We not only have our storefront here in Hialeah, we travel and do approximately 36 to 40 comic cons around the country per year. With all the current closings, it’s hitting us very hard because it is 50 percent of our revenue, it helps subsidize the store and the products that are purchased. Having all of those [Conventions] closed or postponed and having the stay-at-home orders that are happening sporadically is definitely hurting the small mom-and-pop businesses like ours that are family run,” said Co-owner of Knowhere Comics, Michelle Fernandez.

You can shop Knowhere Comics on their website or through their social media.

“To make the phone-in orders easier, what we are going to be doing on our Instagram is a virtual tour of the store. We will take your order over the phone and we’ll be able to do the pick-up, delivery, or shipping if that’s your preference,” added Fernandez.

Owner of Multiverse Corps. Comics, Tim Manalo, is also offering the same services.

He reassures that in prepping the customer's orders he is taking every precaution.

“We’re making sure that all the books are in their sleeves and that they’re nice and tight. We seal it right away and then we give it to the customer. No one else will be touching it but myself,” said Manalo.

With many companies shutting down, customers fear this could be the last week of new comic books for a while.

“When I’m at home all day there is not much I can do, so I rely on reading my comic books. Now with the whole printing issue at Diamond, I need to support my local comic book shop because they probably won’t be able to sell comics until April 1,” said Customer, Joshua Prieto

Ultimately, these local business owners just want the community to support local.

“Shop locally, go online, and take care of your local community so you can make sure that we are all going to be here for you at the end of this pandemic,” said Fernandez.

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