Demonstrators in Miami Support Anti-Government Protests Happening in Cuba

Posted at 2:07 PM, Nov 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-16 14:07:57-05

Demonstrators gathered at Versailles Monday, chanting slogans such as “Live Freedom” and “Homeland and Life” in rejection of the Cuban regime that has ruled the island for 62 years.

"I'm doing it for my people. We all want Cuba to be free," said demonstrator Raul Sanabria.

Sanabria and his brothers risked their lives to reach the United States and a new future. They arrived on a catamaran in 1994.

"[We] were in the ocean for five days. We almost died. But thank God we made it to the free country," he said.

He said he’s demonstrating for better conditions and human rights in his country.

"We don't want communism. Not here, nowhere".

"Cuban people are victims of a ruthless dictatorship that instills violence in people who think different," said civil and human rights advocate Ramon Saul Sanchez.

Sanchez was 12 when he boarded a plane for Miami.

"Somebody was waiting here for us with a picture and we went to the Freedom Tower. I didn’t know the people here, they were wonderful people that took us in and that’s how my exile began and now it’s lasted almost 51 years," he added.

On Sunday, dozens of vehicles gathered at Tamiami Park to participate in a caravan to downtown Miami’s Freedom Tower.

The caravan was organized by the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance.

"The amount of punishment this regime has inflicted on my people is horrible. But I'm seeing my nation awaken, my people unify. But as long as Cuba remains oppressed there’s a pain in our heart and now seeing the Cuban people rising and claiming their freedom, we couldn’t be more elated or supportive," said member of the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, Orlando Gutierrez.