Lovvett app aims to reduce food waste, turns surplus food into revenue at South Florida restaurants

Posted at 3:23 PM, Apr 13, 2021

Did you know 30%-40% of food produced in the U.S. is wasted? A new app is trying to reduce those numbers by helping South Florida restaurants turn surplus food into more revenue.

According to the USDA, each year, 100 billion pounds of uneaten food is thrown into landfills. The numbers are shocking, considering the number of people in Florida and the rest of the country who struggle with putting food on their tables. In Florida, nearly three million people face food insecurity.

Created by a local couple, Lovvett, focuses on reducing food waste at restaurants.

“The idea is to have restaurants reduce their food waste by posting whatever they have left in the day in our platform, so the consumer can buy at discount. [They can] order it in the app and pick it up when they decide,” said Co-founder of Lovvett, Rafael Garrido.

Customers get the same food at a cheaper price, restaurants increase their profits by 7% to 15%. A win-win for both parties.

“Whatever they throw to waste, is a cost. They have invested time and labor in preparing it, as well as ingredients. So instead of throwing it away, they recoup that cost and goes straight to their bottomline,” said Garrido.

“I make it affordable for the customers. I try to put it at 50% off so if the ceviche costs $16, I try to make it at $8 or $9,” said owner of Cilantro 27, Nilton Castillo

Right now, 150 restaurants in Miami-Dade are on the app. In the food hall, Lincoln Eatery on Miami Beach, five are taking advantage of the customers the app brings.

“We needed more ways to get out our local product and promotions to the locals and tourists on South Beach. Lovvett presented itself in a way that was easy for us to do that,” added Nilton.

“I signed up for Lovvett app because I like to serve fresh food and fresh ingredients to customers and the reason is to get rid of my seafood and fresh ingredients daily [to Lovvett customers],” said owner of C Food Shack, Laron Culmer.

The longterm goal is to expand the concept nationwide.

“We created the company out love for the environment and the planet,” said Rafael.
Restaurants and customers can get more information at or email Rafael at