Mental Health Awareness Month with NAMI Broward County

Posted at 3:57 PM, May 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-03 15:57:09-04

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and every week on WSFL-TV, we are fighting the stigma about mental health with the National Alliance on Mental Illness Broward County.

According to NAMI, nearly 1 in 25 adults in America live with a serious mental illness.

“We have one in four adults reporting that they have experienced symptoms of anxiety and depression in particular, which is way more than last year,” said Dr. Sandra Cumper Boynton with NAMI Broward County. 

Dr. Cumper Boynton says the pandemic has increased those numbers.

“We especially see reports from young adults” she added. 

One year into the pandemic, a study by The Standard and Vertsa Research shows younger people working from home, ages 18-40, are struggling the most with mental health issues. Mental illness jumped from 10% to 16% will millennials since the pandemic began.

“I tend to be very anxious,” said Bill Seibert. 

Seibert was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Like hundreds of millions across South Florida, for the 47-year-old, the pandemic triggered a lot of anxiety and stress.

“People with mental health conditions are already isolated to begin with. So an added stressor or emotional stressor just seems to make things worse,” he said. 

Seibert works at Footprint to Success Clubhouse helping others with mental illnesses. Seibert was connected to the nonprofit through NAMI.

“Success Clubhouse is where I’m currently employed and it’s been a great support for me and my other colleagues to get through this pandemic,” he said. 

Dr. Cumper Boynton says for those who are living with mental illnesses, it’s important to seek help.

“These are our families, our neighbors our coworkers. If you or any person know of a person who’s going through any symptoms, especially psychosis, then we encourage you to have them get into treatment,” said Dr. Cumper Boynton. 

NAMI offers an array of resources for those who are struggling with mental illnesses and for family members. You can find more information here.