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Bear seen acting intoxicated after eating too much psychoactive 'mad honey'

bear foot
Posted at 4:28 PM, Aug 12, 2022

Video footage of a bear acting intoxicated after eating too much of a type of honey with psychoactive properties was shared online, showing the bear in possible distress sitting in the back of a truck in Turkey.

The Turkish news outlet dokuz8haber shared a clip of the bear wobbling and swaying while appearing disoriented while sitting safely in the back of a truck while some tried to watch over it.

The bear is thought to have consumed a type of honey in Turkey called "deli bal" which comes from beehives in an area of Turkey called Düzce, which is located in the northwest of the country along the Black Sea. In English, the type of honey is called "mad honey,"

As Newsweek reported, the Turkish outlet dokuz8haber reported that officials in Turkey were able to pick up the bear and put it in the back of their truck.

When the bear passed out, it was taken to a veterinarian for treatment.

The Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry said the bear was named "Balkiz" and was later determined to be in "good health" and would be released back into the wild as soon as it was ready.