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Blind dog rescued from 15-foot hole at construction site

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Posted at 2:31 PM, Sep 21, 2022

Firefighters in California rescued a blind dog that was trapped inside a hole at a construction site.

The dog's owner reportedly lives next to the construction site. She told KABC that her dog, Cesar, found a hole in the fencing and wandered onto the construction site.

She realized Cesar was missing after her other dog began barking. The woman discovered Cesar was in the 15-foot hole after she called for him, KABC reported.

The construction foreman reportedly called the fire department to get the dog out of the hole.

Rescue crews hooked up a series of ropes and pulleys then lowered one of the team members into the hole.

It took them about 12 minutes to reach Cesar and bring him back up to the surface.

He appeared to be healthy and uninjured.