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Texas councilman suggests his city should consider paying residents to give up guns to reduce shootings

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Posted at 7:26 PM, Sep 13, 2022

Dallas City Council member Jesse Moreno said his office has planned a meeting with officials in the city's police force to ask them to consider paying people to voluntarily surrender their guns in a buyback program to try and reduce gun violence.

TheDallas Morning News reports that Moreno is pushing the plan after multiple fatal shootings involving teens in Dallas and the neighborhood called Deep Ellum, an area Moreno represents.

Moreno said, “A lot of these weapons that are used in crimes are typically stolen from vehicles or homes, so I think this gives us an opportunity to eliminate that factor for people who no longer feel they need or want a gun in their possession.”

Estimates from Moreno's office said he'd need anywhere from at least $25,000 to $50,000 for one buyback event.

“We’re still in the study phase, but we’re absolutely wanting to move forward with this whether we have the support from DPD (Dallas Police Department) or not,” Moreno said.

Some local events have partnered with non-profits for gun buyback programs, and even featured auctions.

The city's police chief said he hasn't spoken with Moreno but said the department would be open to overseeing a guy buyback event. However, Police Chief Eddie Garcia says he doesn't believe it would make much of a difference in the city's violent crime.

García said, “Our issue with gun violence in the city of Dallas is the criminal element of the possession of firearms.” He said, “And generally, they are not the ones lining up to sell their weapons.”