Rising Tide Car Wash is Expanding, Plans to Hire Over a Dozen Individuals with Autism

Posted at 7:46 PM, Nov 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-30 19:46:41-05

Rising Tide Car Wash, a company that employs adults with autism is expanding with a third location in Coral Springs.

Their mission is to create a social enterprise by giving individuals with autism an opportunity to have real jobs that would challenge them and give them life skills.

"It helps our employees in so many ways. Obviously there’s the income portion of it but there’s also the pride, learning how to be a member of the workforce, learning how to be an adult, getting to work on time, following directions, taking feedback, delivering great customer service. These are all skills that they learn here," said co-founder of Rising Tide Tom D'Eri.

Rising Tide has operated in Parkland since 2013 and in Margate since 2017. The company has since created about 200 jobs in the community.

"We estimate somewhere around 80 percent of individuals with autism are unemployed," said D'Eri.

"So there’s a large portion of individuals with autism who can really be exceptional employees that are not given an opportunity because we look at their diversity as a disability that requires sympathy instead of something valuable," he added.

Tom and his father were inspired by Andrew, Tom’s brother, who has autism. They wanted to create a place for him to gain independence.

"He’s totally proven that he can [do it] and that opens him up and it makes him feel confident in the work that he does and able to also address other barriers in his life. If he has a problem with getting to work, or if he has a problem getting groceries, he can do those things and a lot of that comes from the confidence that he gained here," said D'Eri.

With almost three locations in Broward County, the car wash will make the county the national leader in the self-supported employment model for adults on the autism spectrum.

"It helps me become independent. I'm progressively growing as a worker and as a supervisor," said employee Shaun Paull

"I love them. They love me. I respect them. They respect me. We’re all family," said employee Breyana Marie.

Rising tide is accepting applications for their new location. f=For more information head to