South Florida organizations come together to collect and pack disaster relief items for Haiti

Posted at 4:46 PM, Sep 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-10 18:23:57-04

South Florida organizations like the Miami Marlins, the Florida Panthers and Florida International University are gathered at Food for the Poor’s warehouse in Coconut Creek to collect and pack disaster relief items for Haiti.

"The Marlins Foundation wanted to take today’s time to put together some goods to be able to send to the people of Haiti," said Brad Johnson with the Miami Marlins.

"It just jerks at your emotions in every week. You can’t help but tear up and it makes you want to find an avenue to release some energy and contribute," said Dr. John Buschman with FIU.

Dozens of containers are being filled and shipped to the island nation, weekly.

"A lot of people right now don’t have homes so 4-6 people tents, flashlights and things that can illuminate at night to bring safety and essential items," said Jisabelle Garcia-Pedroso with Food for the Poor.

Essential items like canned goods of beans, fruit, tuna or chicken, soup and other foods like rice, protein bars, water and Gatorade.

"We make sure it’s the appropriate quality and date to get it into Haiti. We’re also making baby kits because women and children are often the most vulnerable after a disaster like this," she said.

Haiti has been in dire need since the initial deadly earthquake in 2010. Brad Johnson with the Miami Marlins has family there. He said thankfully they weren’t directly impacted by the earthquake but they tell him disaster relief supplies are heavily needed.

"The mood is hopeful but also the mood can be depressing because of what’s going on. Electricity is a big issue, being able to communicate is a big issue there. Of course water, foods, sanitation supplies, cleaning supplies, clothing, things that the marlins have been putting together this past week are very needed," said Johnson.

There are many ways for you to help. You can either drop off relief items at the warehouse located at 6401 Lyons Road or donate here.