Surfside makeshift memorial unites families and friends

Posted at 5:52 PM, Jun 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-28 17:58:18-04

A makeshift memorial site right across the street of the building collapse is just one of the many ways the community is coming together.

"Their spirits and their souls will always remain among us. For all of them. For everybody here," said Christina Fuentes.

Families and close friends showed support for the victims of the Champlain partial building collapse Monday afternoon.

Fuentes brought flowers and pictures of her close friends, the Guara family.

"It’s Mark Guara, Ana Guara, Emma and Lucia. They were quite the adventurous family. They traveled a lot. They did everything together as a family. They loved each other a lot," she said.

Alongside the flowers, some people have added lanyards with the names of missing people and their apartment numbers.

Newlyweds Dr. Russel Manashirova and Nicole Doran are among the missing.

"He’s such a brilliant young man, with a bright future," said Vadim Voynov.

For families and friends the waiting is excruciating.

"I’m not sure if there is any hope at this point of time," said Voynov.

But for some, the memories are keeping them hopeful.

"Ana’s family was so important to them. Mark was the kind of guy that if you ever needed anything, he’d be there for you. He wouldn’t even ask why, he would just stop and throw it all at you. He adored all three of his girls and he adored his brother. And he was such a wonderful caretaker," said Fuentes.

There is another memorial site just blocks away on 93rd st. and Bryon ave. At these sties, faith and prayers are what many families are holding onto.