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Coral Reef High School's Super Ballet Teacher: Mrs. Mariela Martinez

Posted at 3:47 PM, Dec 12, 2019

This week’s Super Teacher is dancing into the hearts of her students.

Mrs. Mariela Martinez of Coral Reef High School teaches ballet and dance to 98 magnet dance students.

"Super blessed. I would say happy and proud. It was wonderful to hear that. So, I'm really excited about this adventure that I am going through with them and hopefully continue with being the teacher that they want me to be," said Martinez about her Super Teacher nomination.

"She's awesome, she's a really big motivator and a positive motivator too. The first year I had class with her I improved tremendously and it was amazing to have a teacher at your school to teach you so much," said Elisabeth Keime, 11th grade dance student.

Mrs. Martinez has worked at Coral Reef High School in Cutler Bay for the last 4 years, but she’s been teaching ballet for the last 17 years. She focused on teaching after moving back home from New York where she chased her dancing dreams.

Congratulations to Mrs. Martinez, our super teacher of the week.