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From Combat Engineer to Aerospace Engineer Super Teacher!

Posted at 12:31 PM, Jan 23, 2020

These students are gearing up for a future in engineering thanks to our Super Teacher of the week, Mr. Joe Kelly, an Aerospace Engineer Instructor at South Broward High School.

"I'm pretty thrilled. We do a lot here and the students are great. Everyday you come in here and it's tiring but when you see the students say 'I got it!' or when we go to competitions and they have success and cheer, that's when you know it's really worth it," said Kelly.

Mr. Kelly started teaching just four years ago after he retired from The Army as a Combat Engineer.

"I definitely think the Military was easier. The reason why I say that is because being in the Military for 22 years you were the master of your craft. Now becoming a new teacher, I'm learning. Everyday I come in and I learn new techniques, better ways to educate, and just become a better teacher," added Kelly.

Kelly has gone from being a Combat Engineer to working extra hours to keep the school’s workshop open for the three after-school engineering clubs that he supervises.

"The students are phenomenal. They might not understand or they might not want to be engineers but one of the things I try to express to the students is that these are the skills they can use in any field. The students make everything a success. They come in and they put the hours in. I could sit after school for two hours by myself but I do it for the students because they want to come," said Kelly.

"What makes him a Super Teacher is that he is very personable and he is always reaching out to us and making sure that we understand what he's trying to teach us. He helps us as much as possible and I think that's amazing," said 11th grader, Vanessa Melendez.

"The impact he makes, I don't even think there are any words to describe it. Kids who maybe have no clue what their interest might be, he will help find it. If kids are interested in something, he is going to find a way to bring it here or to make it happen," said Assistant Principal, Yvonne Sherba.

Congratulations to Mr. Kelly, our Super Teacher of the week!