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Super English Teacher Mixes Games With Grammar

Posted at 11:13 AM, Feb 20, 2020

Bingo! Students at Hialeah Gardens High school may be playing Bingo but it is actually a vocabulary exercise in Vanessa Valle’s classroom. Mrs. Valle, an English language arts teacher, is our Super Teacher of the week!

And, she's actually living her childhood dream.

"Ever since I was a little girl I always dreamt of being a teacher. Teaching was that career goal that I always aspired to. I remember sitting my dolls and my brother, and anybody who would come into my house, alongside my bed, take my little white board and teacher's edition books that they would throw out at the end of the year and I would just play the game. I always say walking into a classroom is my happily ever after that I always look forward to," said Valle.

Now, Mrs.Valle plays educational games with her students and engages them in learning.

"They will say 'If you come to Valle's class, you're playing games'. They may think they are noneducational games but we tie those games on to some learning that is taking place in the classroom. I do believe that games entice students to want to learn and reel them in because they're interested in it. They see Guess Who, Monopoly, and Jenga, they see something they are aware of, something they know will bring fun. So, if you can bring the fun into the classroom in bringing those games, the curriculum will fall into place by just embedding it," added Valle.

Not only is Mrs. Valle the Super Teacher of the week but she's also the school's district Teacher of the Year.

"She's always trying her best to help out our students and our law academy, and she works one on one with us even though she isn't directly in the law academy but she always makes time for us. She doesn't hesitate to help," said Liany Perera, Senior at Hialeah Gardens High School.

"Mrs.Valle is a Super Teacher because she was born to do this job. You can tell that she loves it. She enjoys every minute of it. She's caring, dedicated, and committed to her career, not only inside the classroom but also outside. She helps all the colleagues and teachers in our school and outside of our school. She helps out at the district level to help new teachers that are going into the profession," said Maritza Jimenez, Principal at Hialeah Gardens High School.

Congratulations to Mrs. Valle, our Super Teacher of the week!