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Super Teacher Uses Harvard Curriculum for Coding and App Development Program!

Posted at 2:50 PM, Jan 16, 2020

Gloria Jimenez, coding and app development magnet teacher at Miami Southridge Senior High School, is our Super Teacher of the week.

Ms. Jimenez is opening new horizons for her students by helping them design apps for Android phones using a Harvard curriculum. Her students even won the Congressional app challenge. She wants her students to blaze a trail for minorities in computer science.

"It's exciting to know that some students can see themselves in the field because we are lacking representation. Blacks and Latinos are a minority in the computer science field and the tech field. So, really what we have in our pockets and all the devices around us are being created by people who don't look like us. I hope to be contributing to changing that so that people who are Latino, black, from all kinds of races are saying 'hey, I can do that!' and actually building something," said Jimenez.

"She's made a lot of a difference. Her, her class and the way that she teaches has is giving me a lot of opportunities to find potential jobs and more experiences in the work area," said Adrian Rodan, 10th grader at Miami Southridge Senior High School.

"Ms. Jimenez is a super teacher because shecares about the kids, she's innovative, she challenges the kids, and she's always looking for the best avenue to educate them at the highest level," said Principal Humberto Miret.

"What I am trying to do in the classroom is making some sort of difference. I don't really do it for the recognition," said Ms.Jimenez

Ms. Jimenez has been at Miami Southridge since March of 2018. She’s is a self-taught programmer, rounding out her expertise with courses at FIU and Miami-Dade College.

Congratulations to Ms. Jimenez, our Super Teacher of the week.