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This Super Teacher Turns to Tech During Coronavirus Quarantine

Posted at 6:28 PM, Mar 26, 2020

Isn’t this cute! Second graders in Kendall are attending virtual classes via the Zoom app.

This is my son’s class and this is my son Kortez, who loved seeing his little classmates whom he misses so much.

"I feel happy," said Kortez.

With the Coronavirus keeping us all home, BridgePrep Academy South found this new way to improve the home learning process for all of its students.

Parents get home assignments via the ClassDojo app. The school also has it’s own app and it also launched a YouTube channel to keep the kids connected.

This is all new to Ms. Carmen Magarino, who’s spent 25 years in the classroom and for the first time is in a virtual classroom.

She’s our first Super Teacher following the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

"It has been very challenging, this is a new world for all of us. It's also very exciting, it's a new way of teaching for however long this is going to be. It's a great time to connect with them, to make sure they are reading, and that they are doing classwork at home. I did their first class over the internet a few days ago and it was a feeling I had never experienced before. When I saw their little faces and the excitement on them to see their classmates on video, it was something I had never seen before," said Ms. Magarino.

Congratulations to Ms. Magarino! Our Super Teacher who, along with all the South Florida Super Teachers out there, was forced to tackle technology and overcome the home learning obstacles created by Covid-19.