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This Week's Super Teacher is a Great One!

Posted at 11:24 AM, Mar 12, 2020

This week’s Super Teacher, Mr. Gellyn Attis of Miami Central High School, has an amazing nickname.

"The great one. I am not the biggest fan of the spotlight but I am honored, flattered actually," said Attis.

He’s the “Great One” because Mr. Attis does it all, teach biology, coach basketball and be a true role model for his 10th graders.

“When you’re dealing with minority students and disadvantaged students and you're teaching the students as if they're your child, it makes a difference in their lives. I don’t believe in giving my students a second rate education because they’re not second rate. In my mind you're a daughter of a king or a queen,” added Attis.

Congratulations to Mr. Attis, the "Great One," and this week’s Super Teacher.