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New Miami restaurant invested $500,000 to ensure safety of their employees & customers

Posted at 4:25 PM, Mar 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-24 16:40:43-04

New York’s Cote, a Korean steakhouse, is now open in Miami.

Residents were introduced to Cote Miami at the Design District in February, after waiting several months to open. The Michelin-star eatery is one of the many New York concepts that came to the magic city.

“We’ve seen a huge uptick in business because of Florida and Miami is such an open city. A lot of New Yorkers who are regulars in New York, I’ve seen them here in Miami,” said principal of Gracious Hospitality Management, Simon Kim.

The uptick in customers calls for more COVID-19 safety protocols. Cote Miami installed built-in air systems that continuously eject and replace air, including a half-million dollar outdoor air system.

“Paragon DOAS (Dedicated Outdoor Air System), so what this system allows us to do is instead of circulating indoor air repeatedly, we actually bring in outdoor air consistently. So fresh and treated filtered cold air continuously comes through the restaurant,” said Simon.

In addition to the air system, COTE Miami uses tabletop smokeless grills.

“Every table has an individual grill that takes all the smoke out. Along with the smoke, the carbon dioxide and vapors that you may be emitting, that all gets sucked out. It doesn’t get circulated, it actually gets ejected to the roof outside,” added Simon.

Other safety protocols include daily employee health checks, sanitizing UV lights in the employee locker rooms and hand sanitizer stations throughout the dining room.

“We make sure they all have their temperature taken when they walk through the door. We make sure that have one-time use disposable menus,” said VP of Operations at Gracious Hospitality Management, Thomas Brown.

There’s no outdoor seating available, but the team wants you to know they’ve worked hard to ensure safety.

“We’re just looking to do whatever we can to create an environment that feels safe and welcoming for anyone that’s coming into Cote,” added Thomas.

“Dining indoors right now can make people nervous but we have took really strict measures and a lot of features to ensure the safety of our guests and employees,” said Simon.

Cote is located 3900 NE 2nd Avenue and is open Tuesday through Sunday for dinner.

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