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Continue to Grow as an Entrepreneur During COVID-19 with Thynk Global

Posted at 3:43 PM, Jun 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-08 15:43:57-04

During the past few months, some us of have been getting accustomed to working from home. For others, their workspaces were anywhere. However, with many workspaces, coffee shops, and bookstores limiting their capacity as they’re reopening, working from home may be getting a little stir crazy.

That is why Thynk Global in Miami is here to help.

“Thynk Global is a collaborative workspace where we create opportunities for talented entrepreneurs by giving them a place to work, giving them a place to connect, and also connect them to different resources within the community so that they can grow their business,” said Jeanine Suah, Co-founder of Thynk Global.

Thynk Global was set to open late last year, but with unknown violations towards the building, they had to delay their grand opening for February. When COVID-19 hit, the co-founders had to get creative by raising funds and offering special services to remain open.

“Being a brick and mortar, we don’t have people coming through the doors, some of our members had to cancel their memberships due to financial restrictions. We had to get super creative and we decided to launch an online membership that still gave our people the perks of being in collaborative workspace and still connecting, networking, and getting the content but at a safe space in their homes. So, as opposed to paying our very affordable $87 per month, they only paid $16 per month and were able to get access to the same type of content, connection, encouragement, and things like that,” said Suah.

After the many hurdles, they are finally opening on June 8th and as it is a workspace for community entrepreneurs to work from and collaborate, they’re taking the safety precautions very seriously for their clients.

“We are implementing social distancing; you must enter with a face mask. We put X’s around the space, which indicate where people are allowed to sit, those are 6-feet apart. We also encourage the daps and smiles of greeting, and we discourage hugging and simple kisses on the cheek,” said Maghan Morin, Co-founder of Thynk Global.

And while you’re at Thynk Global working, you can buy from their pop-up shop while helping other upcoming community entrepreneurs.

“Our retail pop-up shop was really designed for business owners that are not in tech, that are product based, and that are looking for a space to market their product and sell. We’re really big on co-working spaces often catered to one specific group and we wanted to cater to a wide variety. That retail shop offers individuals the opportunity to create a product, sell their product, and really understand what it would take to run a brick and mortar,” said Morin.

Thynk global is offering 2 months free, which includes the workspace, virtual office hours and consultations in marketing or financial consultation. Head on over to thynkglobal.com for more information.