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Small business owner celebrates natural hair and empowers women to style at home

Posted at 4:30 PM, Feb 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-25 12:40:59-05

In the beginning of the pandemic when businesses shut down, entrepreneur Bebe Michelle saw an opportunity.

“We’ve been able to help women still feel beautiful during a time of where you’re just at home and not feeling your best,” said Bebe.

Many people were turning to brands like hers to manage their hair at home. Bebe says her products are for women with multicultural curls.

“I was excited when she told me she was developing a line because I knew her passion for hair care and I knew we had similar types of hair so I felt like if it works for her it better work for me,” said Latrece Julmis.

Latrece Julmis met Bebe in 2014.

“This is probably the healthiest my hair has been as an adult, to be honest, because the natural process is hard,” said Latrece.

“Bebe Michelle products consist of six products. It’s the shampoo, conditioner, [and] deep conditioner. And it comes with three stylers so moisture mist, butter dream and our style and defined gel,” said Bebe.

Now that businesses have re-opened, Bebe is back at the salon. She’s also on social media, empowering women to get the best results at home, by creating hair styling tips videos.

“People don’t want just what to use, they want to know how to use it at home. So give them those visuals with video on my YouTube channel as well as my Instagram, just being able to show people what to do,” said Bebe.

Bebe says she started exploring natural recipes in her kitchen in 2012 and still has an original recipe in one of her products today.

“When you really roll up your sleeves and figure out what is required to grow, scale and grow a business, it’s not easy but it’s not impossible. So the key is surrounding yourself with people who are amazing and have all that information you need to grow,” said Bebe.

Bebe’s salon is open, it’s located at 315 NE 3rd Ave, Suite 4. For hair tips and more, you can find Bebe on Youtube and Instagram under Bebe Michelle.