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#TakeoutTuesday: Delicious and Cheesy Delights at World Famous House of Mac

Posted at 3:47 PM, Jun 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-08 15:47:41-04

Wynwood typically has eatery gems throughout the neighborhood but this Miami staple puts a unique spin on traditional cuisine.

Established in 2014, World Famous House of Mac whips up succulent delights such as fried chicken, chicken wings, and their famous mac and cheese with 18 different variations of it.

The man behind all this magic? Well, its Derrick Turton also known as Chef Teach. He was in the music business for 18 years and he managed Miami’s own, Pitbull, for 14 years but then tragedy struck.

“My father passed away 2013, which triggered something in me to want to focus on legacy, generational wealth, and just ownership. So, we established World Famous House of Mac in 2014,” said Turton.

The business began as a food truck, where Chef Teach expanded his cooking horizons and now has three locations all over South Florida and is planning to open his fourth location soon. Chef teach believes his restaurant is just more than great tasting food.

“The biggest thing of food is consistency and not just with the food but the service, ambience, and everything. I want to make sure I get that right locally before I take it anywhere outside. I do think we have a scalable brand. I want to put the integrity of the brand before anything else,” said Turton.

Even with the pandemic, the business didn’t slow down thanks to take out and the delivery apps but even with all that, the restaurant managed to give back and give food to the healthcare workers in the frontlines of COVID-19.

"I think that the whole COVID situation was one for the books. In terms of that nobody in this lifetime can say that they have been through something like that before. When you go through things like that, it’s trying but you got to be strong and stick together. They [healthcare workers] were on the frontline helping people and I don’t know how to do CPR, well I do know how to do CPR, but I don’t know run an IV and do all that stuff but I do know how to cook food. If we can do that to try to uplift people’s spirits and help them get through their days and we were able to do a lot of that. I’m grateful for that,” said Turton.

During these tough times, Chef Teach is sending a strong message to our community, to those who are in pain, in grief, and to those who are fighting to be heard.

“Change never comes from sitting in the comfort zone. Everyone is sick and tired of seeing all of the social injustices that has been going on. I don’t agree with the looting but protesting and having to speak up and stand for what’s right is necessary because in order for us to see change there are going to be some uncomfortable conversations that need to be had. People are just fed up and I’m standing with the people and making sure that we get justice and change,” added Turton.

World Famous House of Mac has reopened its dining room and they’re taking all the necessary precautions. If you want to see the menu head on over to houseofmac.com.