91-year-old volunteers at Meals on Wheels South Florida for over 30 years

Posted at 3:56 PM, Oct 20, 2020

“I would always meet them at the site and hold a prayer then go out and deliver the meals,” said Miss Hattie, 91-year-old volunteer for Meals on Wheels South Florida.

Miss Hattie used to spend her weekends volunteering for Meals on Wheels South Florida. Meeting with volunteers to direct them to the right routes for the day and delivering meals to the most needy, herself.

“I’m the volunteer chair and I see that everyone gets their slips to deliver to different homes. After that they’ll bring me back home and I’ll see them the next week,” said Miss Hattie.

Miss Hattie has been a volunteer for the nonprofit for over 30 years. She’s the second-longest volunteer with the organization.

“We couldn’t do anything without the commitment and the dedication and compassion of the volunteers like Miss Hattie,” said Mark.

But since the pandemic, she’s had to put a hold on meeting with the team. To fill her spot, Mark Adler from Meals on Wheels says volunteers have stepped up to the plate.

“It warms my heart everyday that I know all the volunteers are out there doing what it takes to make everything work,” said Mark Adler, Executive Director of Meals on Wheels South Florida.

Even though Miss Hattie understands the risk, she wishes for things to go back to normal.

“I hope we can get back together soon to continue to deliver the meals,” said Miss Hattie.

We’re challenging our communities to step up and fight hunger among the most needy. If you’d like to contribute to Meals on Wheels South Florida, click here.