A South Florida Diaper Bank Helps Struggling Families

Posted at 3:36 PM, Apr 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-23 15:36:10-04

We continue to help South Florida rebound as we aim to help you navigate through uncertain times during the Coronavirus pandemic. With unemployment numbers continuing to rise across the nation and in South Florida, families are struggling to buy household necessities.

Melissa Veliz is a mother of three. She is struggling to make ends meet because of the Coronavirus.

“I have no work, I’ve been a month without work, my husband has been two months already, it’s getting hard for us,” said Veliz.

Shannon Laline, mother of two, depends on the Greater Fort Lauderdale Diaper Bank to keep her babies dry and healthy because diapers are expensive.

“It has depleted us because we got bills to pay, car insurances to pay, and food to pay,” said Laline.

According to the National Diaper Bank Network, disposable diapers can cost 70-80 dollars per month per baby and about 1/3 of American families cannot afford them.

Brittany Wolfe, the founder of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Diaper Bank, says they’re the only diaper pantry in South Florida and the need has doubled.

“We’ve been seeing a huge increase with the loss of jobs. A lot of people are reaching out to me desperate. They need diapers or their baby is getting sick. A lot of babies get rashes and end up in the hospital and that’s the last place we want them to go right now,” said Wolfe.

Brittany says they will be passing out diapers every other day at Tasteful Thoughts Chocolates in Cooper City, but if you’re in dire need then she’ll do an emergency pantry just for you.

“We’re going to leave the bin right outside and we’ll put the diapers in. They can come up without seeing anybody,” said Wolfe.

If you’re in need, you can contact Brittany Wolfe at or call 954-667-9672.