Company Looking For Innovative Coding Instructors

Posted at 4:42 PM, Jun 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-03 17:01:19-04

As South Florida continues to rebound, businesses are starting to reopen, and some are hiring. Here is what Code Ninjas in Plantation is looking for in employees.

Code Ninjas, a computer coding center for kids, is hiring people of all ages. The teacher turned businesswoman, Traci Leon, and her husband brought the Texas franchise to South Florida.

“We are opening our fourth center soon, so we’re hiring senseis there. We’re looking for directors and assistant directors as well,” said Traci.

The center focuses on helping kids develop coding skills, game building, STEM, and robotics.

“Camp starts on Monday for ten weeks of summer. We have half-day camps, full-day camps, and all different theme camps,” said Traci.

The camp counselors, known as senseis, are computer engineering students. They get paid to help younger kids learn code. Today was their first day of summer camp training.

“I help kids with code, play games with them, help them out with anything school related as well. I lead camps in which we teach kids coding concepts and we just have fun together,” said Anthony Wu.

Anthony Wu has been working at Code Ninjas for over a year and hopes to become a computer engineer once he graduates college.

“It looks awesome on a resume and the experience I’ve learned and coding skills, its invaluable,” said Anthony Wu.

If you're interested in becoming a director, Traci says she's always looking for innovators.

"[Someone who's] very comfortable to talk to senseis, kids, parents. They know today when we're training, I'm giving them the curriculum but I want to hear feedback from them. They're really innovators for us. We're really open to get something from everyone," said Traci.

Traci has five locations in South Florida, only three are open right now. For more information on Code Ninjas and what positions are available, click here. To contact Code Ninjas in Plantation, call (954) 399-7000.