A Clinical Research Company in Miami is Looking to Hire Employees and Volunteers for COVID-19 Vaccine Studies

Posted at 3:23 PM, Jun 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-26 11:22:38-04

With the reopening of restaurants and small businesses, companies are starting to re-hire. Every week on the rebound South Florida, we highlight a company that’s hiring to help you make ends meet.

“We’re looking for people who have good people skills, you’re going to be working with people all the time,” said Scott Rosen, General Manager of Alliance for Multispeciality Research in Miami.

AMR Miami is a full service clinical research site.

“We’ve been doing clinical research in coral gables since the 80’s, about 34 years,” said Rosen.

Scott says the team is working on multiple COVID-19 clinical studies this summer, and needs more employees to work out of their Coral Gables location.

“These are great positions for MA’s, nurses, foreign doctors, people who want to get involved in research and have medical experience. These are individuals who work hand in hand with our coordinators to executive on these studies,” added Rosen.

The company will train new employees. The company says the opportunities are endless.

“It’s a blessing because considering so many people are unemployed, it allowed me to still have that financial security,” said Victoria Lella, Coordinator at AMR Miami.

Victoria was hired in February, right before Covid-19 hit. She says she’s grateful to work for a company that allowed her to work from home when times were tough.

“I was a little concerned with my hours being cut, considering the situation, but the company was able to give us some work to do at home and it allowed us to stay active and it eased a lot of my worries,” said Lella.

The positions offer full benefits and great wages.

If this isn’t for you, Scott says there’s another way you can get paid while still giving.

“We’re in the process of starting a number of different of COVID treatment and vaccine studies. These are studies that are helping to develop new drugs to help treat and hopefully develop a vaccine for COVID. These are great studies to get studies for people to get access of of these medications that are being tested right now, for people to volunteer to help battle COVID, and everyone who participates will get paid for their time and travel,” said Rosen.

Scott says they’ve already hired three people and are looking to hire more starting next week. If you’re interested in learning more or to apply, you can email:
To participate in the clinical study, email: or call 305-445-5637.
You can also find more information here.