Online learning platform is hiring teachers in South Florida and around the world

Posted at 4:44 PM, Jul 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-22 16:44:33-04

With on-campus classes canceled this summer, parents are turning to online resources to ensure their kids are staying on track.

A marketplace of live online classes, called Outschool, is one of the many online resources that offers interactive courses for students of all ages and they’re looking to hire teachers.

“I teach beginners Spanish art classes. So it’s like step by step. I also teach Spanish words. So I teach like the colors, words, and how to make a sentence,” said Angelica Hannon, Spanish and Art teacher at Outshcool.

Angelica was hired in March, right in the midst of the pandemic. She says this job has helped her pay her bills while she attends graduate school.

“I felt really lucky honestly because when I left Cleveland, I lost a part time job and I still have bills to pay,” said Angelica.

With the continuing uptick in online learning, the company needs more teachers.

“Teachers come on to Outschool, get approved onto the platform, and can create a class that they want on the subject that they’re experienced teaching in,” said Bianca Bianchi, Product Lead Manager at Outschool.

Bianca says anyone with some type of teaching experience or expertise in the subject, can apply.

“We see people come onto Outschool with professional experience from baking or perhaps they were a retired scientists or of some profession and now they want to teach students on Outschool. We also see school teachers or full-time educators come on and teach,” added Bianca.

Outschool offers thousands of interactive online courses, connecting hundreds of teachers with prekindergarten to high school learners around the world.

“Spanish with Taylor Swift, Math with candy like M&Ms, or core academic classes like US History or Advanced Algebra. The classes really range from any topic and families can come on and search for a class that interests their student learner,” added Bianca.

“It’s really cool because I get to inspire them during this where it’s very uncertain. But kids are really resilient and they’ve actually inspired me when I feel down. They’re always really happy and smiling, I just really like it,” added Angelica.

Teachers can set their own prices and schedules. Classes vary in price, some are offered as low as $10 per student.

If you think you qualify, you can apply here.