The godmothers of insurance in Miami are looking for employees to join their team

Posted at 10:14 PM, Sep 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-18 22:14:31-04

We know many of you have lost your jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic. We want to help by connecting you with available jobs in South Florida. Every week on the Rebound, we highlight a company that’s hiring. Today we're telling you about Las Madrinas Medical Centers, they're located in Miami and hiring over a dozen employees.

“You guys are like ‘las madrinas’ the godmothers of insurance,” said Mercy Cabrera, co-owner of Las Madrinas Medical Centers.

Meet Mercy and Carmen, the godmothers of health insurance in Miami.

The two met in 2010 at a life insurance company then started their own venture, Las Madrinas Insurance Company, in 2013 when ObamaCare became available.

“We saw a need, especially for our low-income Hispanic community, to see what was available and to get guidance. We knew there was going to be a government website available and we knew they were going to need one-one-one help. So we developed the first ever retail enrollment centers at the Mall of the Americas,” said Odalys Arevalo, co-owner of Las Madrinas Medical Centers.

That first year working together, they helped over 60,000 families get health insurance. Since then, business has taken off.

“Now we also do life insurance, medicare, and we help business owner with business solutions for their employees. There’s so much to it now that our business has now led us to the medical center part,” said Odalys.

With the layoffs during the pandemic, Carmen and Odalys say the need for health insurance and medical attention has increased.

Meaning, they need more employees to join their team.

“This will be the highest enrollment year ever, that we’re expecting. So we need some personnel as far as contracting in different departments but mainly we need health insurance agents to work in our call center to help with the influx of new enrollees,” said Odalys.

“[You’re] growing and learning everyday. Everyday you learn something,” said Osvaldo Alvarez.

Osvaldo Alvarez works at the medical center and says he’s learned so much in the year he’s worked there.

With many concerned about seeing patients and staying safe, Osvaldo says las madrinas take care of both their customers and employees.

“The company has provided me with all the necessary equipment like face shields, masks, hand sanitizers, gloves and all the necessary equipment to protect myself from [getting] infected,” said Osvaldo.

Carmen and Odalys say they’ve already hired over 20 people and they’re looking to hire over a dozen more.

For more information, call 305-602-0436.
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