This nationwide medical business consulting firm will train you to work for them

Posted at 5:26 PM, Sep 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-09 17:26:09-04

On The Rebound South Florida, we want to help you get back to work. While many businesses were forced to shut down or furlough workers during the pandemic, Health Business Solutions is looking to hire hundreds of employees.

Headquartered in Cooper City, the nationwide medical business consulting firm is looking for over 300 employees to join their team.

Ray Berry, CEO of Health Business Solutions, says the pandemic has accelerated the at-home workforce.

“We’ve become very good over the lat six months at measuring our employees productivity. The big change is, it has essentially opened up the country for us where previously we would only hire in Cooper City or in our office in Detroit. We can hire anywhere now if we’re going to have people working from home,” said Ray.

Ray says a college degree isn’t required. He says the company worked with the state and the Florida Certification Board to create an educational process that allows people who are interested, to get certified and become proficient in the field.

“We train, educate and certify through a third party. If they come in with the aptitude that can handle numbers and have some analytical skills, we can create a profession essentially. We became licensed as a post-secondary school in the state of Michigan for revenue cycle. Revenue cycle is the term used for the financial portion of a hospital or healthcare system’s business office,” said Ray.

“I’m really happy to say that this team that we have here works so well together that we can get through anything, said Tara Fayad, Executive Assistant at Health Business Solutions.

Tara started working for the company in January and says she’s learned so much and continues to learn everyday.

“We’re all about teamwork and for me that’s really important because it is a small business but we’re beginning to expand. The customers that we have really depend on us to get through the pandemic as well. It’s good that we can hire more people and help other people” said Tara.

“Send your application. Let us take a look at you. Some of my best people are people who come to this field with no experience. They have the right aptitude, they were amenable to the training we provide and that’s where I’ve been really pleased,” added Ray.

Ray says even though they’re headquartered in Cooper City, new employees will most likely be working from home. To apply, click here.