Meals on Wheels South Florida and the Jewish Federation of Broward County provide meals for seniors

Posted at 6:36 PM, Aug 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-12 18:36:32-04

The nonprofit organization Meals on Wheels provides a lot of support for seniors in their communities. The support typically includes friendly visits by volunteers a nutritious meals, which wouldn’t be possible without the help of donations from the community.

Mark Glansberg is Beryl’s husband and caretaker.

“My husband is really stuck taking care of me and it’s really hard on him,” said Beryl.

Beryl can’t walk. She was diagnosed with type II diabetes at a young age, but it started to take a toll on her just months ago right when the pandemic started.

In May, she had to get surgery to get her toe removed.

“When I was in the hospital, the social worker said I can’t have any weight on my foot. So she said we can help you with that,” added Beryl.

That’s when Meals on Wheels South Florida stepped in.

The nonprofit has been helping the elderly before and during the pandemic. Other nonprofit organizations like the Jewish Federation of Broward County, help fund the meals.

“We sat down and took a look at what was likely to happen and we realized that the number of seniors who need Meals on Wheels was likely to become astronomically larger,” said Barbara Levin, Jewish Federation of Broward County.

Barbara said when they heard that seniors were on waiting lists for food, especially now, they wanted to make an impact and help those seniors get meals.

“Meals on Wheels is wonderful. It keeps people out of nursing homes, it lets seniors live with dignity in the community and we believe strongly that our seniors deserve to be treated with honor and dignity,” added Barbara.

Beryl says she receives two meals a day and is thankful for them everyday.

“It takes a lot of pressure off my caregiver who gets a break. It’s on less thing he has to do,” added Beryl.

Mark Adler, the executive director for Meals on Wheels South Florida, told me they provide meals to 10,000 seniors every year.

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