Meals on Wheels South Florida provides medically tailored meals to seniors

Posted at 4:29 PM, Sep 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-23 16:29:45-04

During these past few months, many across South Florida are finding it difficult to put meals on their tables, especially seniors. Meals on Wheels helps those seniors not only access the meals but they provide meals that are nutritious and medically tailored.

“My one doctor said I wouldn’t make it if I got the coronavirus,” said Laurie Bonniwell, client.

Laurie rarely leaves her home because of her heart condition.

“It’s called Cardiomyopathy, which is a large heart. The blood doesn't go all the w way to your heart. It's not functioning correctly,” said Laurie.

Her medical condition affects her diet. That’s why Meals on Wheels and their medically tailored meals are so important.

“With their medicated meals they have no salt in it or low salt. Which helps your daily diet,” said Laurie.

“I help increase the nutrient intake of the older individuals here at Meals on Wheels. These individuals may not eat adequately and for better nutrition, I help them remain healthy and independent in their homes,” said Alex.

Alex is a registered dietitian for the nonprofit. He says the pandemic not only put seniors at a greater risk, but forced them to stay home bound, leaving thousands with no access to healthy meals.

That’s where he steps in.

“It’s been tremendous since February, it's been almost a 300% increae in need of services. So my day-to-day operations includes nutrition therapy with the client. I’ll receive the clients name from our social work department and then I’ll contact the client and then I’ll go to the clients home to provide nutrition therapy,” said Alex.

“They care about people and they go out of the way to help. And there’s a lot of people that eat Meals on Wheels that really need their diet,” said Laurie.

Alex says he checks up on the client once a month, depending on their health conditions. If you’re interested in the program or if you’d like to contribute to Meals on Wheels South Florida, click here.