South Florida seven-year-old aims to donate over one million blankets to the homeless

Posted at 2:33 PM, Jan 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-01 10:09:54-05

“I’m like mom, I want to help people,” said Taylen Biggs.

At just seven years old, South Florida native and fashion star Taylen has a willingness to help those in need.

“People don’t have anything. I feel so bad. My heart felt really bad but I hope they get a home,” said Taylen.

When Taylen started to realize she wanted to give back, her and her family didn’t know where to begin. Then they met Michael Capponi, founder of the disaster relief nonprofit Global Empowerment Mission.

Taylen was then appointed to be GEM’s Junior Committee and since then, she has set a goal to donate one million blankets to the homeless.

“I really love to help people and give blankets. Who doesn’t need a blanket? I need a blanket, you need a blanket, everyone needs a blanket,” said Taylen.

“When we met Taylen it was the perfect opportunity, she really wanted to do something. Her soul is just on fire to help. So we created this initiative with her to basically give blankets and COVID kits, which is basically a bag with handsanditizer, mask, gloves, protein bars and immune boosters. Then we’re going to distribute them in neighborhoods in South Florida and the U.S.,” said Michael.

Taylen started off her journey of giving back on Thursday, passing out hundreds of blankets to the homeless in Miami.

According to Michael, there are about 600,000 homeless people in the U.S. and they hope to provide the necessities for all of them.

“I was surprised to hear people that basically said they had a real job six months ago with a rented apartment and they just lost their job, couldn’t pay their rent and got evicted. Now they’re literally camped out in street corner in America,” said Michael.

Tyler hopes her actions of giving back encourages others to do the same.

“My motto is big love,” said Taylen.

To learn more about the Global Empowerment Mission or if you're in need, click here.
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