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Virtual Interview Tips to Look Professional and Get Hired

Posted at 3:51 PM, May 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-07 15:52:47-04

During the COVID-19 crisis and quarantine, remote interviewing has been a requirement. For advice, we turned to a hiring expert who can provide virtual interviewing tips.

COVID-19 has made remote conversations the new normal, forcing job candidates to stand out through a computer screen.

“You’re really not getting that personal connection,” said Samantha.

Samantha Johns is one of the many people in South Florida looking for a job. She’s about to graduate from graduate school and says it’s been a difficult process.

“I feel like when you’re doing interviews it’s nice to be able to look someone in the eye and connect with that person, tell your story, and see how you would fit into that company,” said Samantha.

“The transition to an interview virtually has been uncomfortable for people and more difficult,” said Sandy.

Sandy Spencer is the owner and chief innovation officer at Expert Business and Professional Services, a business that prepares people to land that next dream job.

“We are a full-service resume writing company, LinkedIn profile builder, career coaching, and interviewing training,” said Sandy.

Sandy says virtual interviews are here to stay. Like an in-person interview, there are things to consider, like making sure your internet has a strong connection and dressing professionally.

“Even though we’re home, it doesn’t mean casual, it still means dressing appropriately. And personally, I recommend that people dress from head to toe. Even though we can sit in our shorts or whatever, I still feel like it gets you in the mindset of really being in a real interview,” said Sandy.

Other tips include being in a room with no distractions, making sure your phone is off so it doesn’t ring in the middle of your interview, and having a clean backdrop.

“In Zoom, you can do a backdrop so it looks neutral so people aren’t seeing your wall or your fan behind you,” said Sandy.

Sandy says it’s important to always be prepared and expect the virtual hiring process to last for a while.

“We’re already trending on this path and heading in this direction, but for sure, COVID-19 has changed the hiring process, the working process, and the interview process forever,” said Sandy.

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