A Law Firm in South Florida is Hiring

Posted at 6:13 PM, Jun 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-30 18:13:36-04

Hiring is still happening despite the ongoing economic downturn. Every week, we highlight a company that’s hiring. Today we’re telling you more about a law firm in South Florida that’s looking for employees.

“Representing children, also representing personal injury clients, as well as chapter seven bankruptcy clients, family law and real estate law,” said Gaila Marie Anderson, owner and operator of Anderson Law Group.

Anderson Law Group is hiring.

“An administrative assistant/ paralegal. I’m anticipating that role to have some paralegal experience or general experience in law. We’re willing to teach. Also we’re seeking a social media person, so we can get more involved online,” said Gaila.

Gaila says the positions require to be at the office in Sunrise several days of the week. In terms of keeping employees safe, they’re following CDC guidelines.

“We’re making sure temperatures are checked, masks are being worn, sanitizers are available and being used,” added Gaila.

Along with job candidates, the firm is looking for current law students or recent grads to join their internship program.

“I do a variety of administrative duties. Typing of correspondents, notices, filing, screening calls and setting up meetings. Organizing an attorney’s calendar and research,” said Angela Saddler, intern at Anderson Law Group.

Angela has been a part of that internship program since December.

She says she heard about the program from CareerSource Broward and is grateful for the opportunity.

“I feel very fortunate because to continue to obtain this valuable training and work experience. I think it’s so very crucial for today’s market,” said Angela.

For Gaila and her team, it’s important for candidates to be self-efficient.

“They have to have ambition and incentive and the ability to move on their own,” said Gaila.

Gaila recently launched a video series on Instagram answering any questions regarding the pandemic, offering guidance to business owners, homeowners, and tenants. For the videos, click here.

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