Construction firms create thousands of jobs in Broward County

Posted at 3:57 PM, Feb 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-19 09:17:42-05

When cities closed down, construction continued. Buildings in Miami-Dade and Broward are going up by the minute and the influx of big projects is creating more jobs.

Big projects like the Broward County Convention Center and Hotel.

“As we are building communities throughout the country, we like to partner with a lot of nonprofits and bring good to the communities,” said Christopher Riley, Project Executive of Workforce Development.

Last year, the Development Firm assisted the Miami Worldcenter project in creating about 6,000 jobs. In Broward, they hope to do the same.

In collaboration with The Development Firm, Christopher Riley with Power Design says they’re focused on bringing in local talent from low-income census track areas in Broward County by hosting career fairs.

“It’s a great project for a lot of apprentices. The project is roughly three and a half years long. Most apprenticeship programs are five years. So individuals can do the majority of their apprenticeship on one project,” said Christopher.

Requirements include a way of transportation to the site, a high school diploma or GED.

“They must have that or be working towards securing it in the next few months. Other than that, the best qualification or skill a person needs is, they need to have a teachable attitude. They need to have a positive attitude towards themselves and the future,” said Christopher.

They’re finding people like Stephen Crawford, motivated and ready to take on work.

“I enjoy learning new things. I’m learning new things every day on the job,” said recent hire in the electrical apprentice program, Stephen Crawford.

Stephen is in the electrical apprentice program and hopes to work his way up. An opportunity, many of workers have been given.

“I aim to go to the top,” said Stephen.

“We always meet really good candidates and if they don’t get hired for this project, we have other projects. Information is the most important thing an individual can get,” said Christopher.

Christopher said you must pre-register for the career fair online at He says the next one is coming very soon, to keep checking their website.