Nationwide Security Company G4S is Hiring 400 Employees in South Florida

Posted at 4:18 PM, Jul 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-13 14:25:00-04

The coronavirus has left millions unemployed. We know how important it is for south Floridians to get back to work.

Right now, one company is looking to hire hundreds of workers in our area.

“We’re hiring 15,000 nationally and 400 within the South Florida market,” said Winnye Wilks, VP Human Resources of the Southeast Region for G4S.

The nationwide security services company G4S is hiring.

“We’re most known for our physical presence in terms of offering security officers. However, we have camera capability, we do risk assessments for companies so we’re involved in safety and security in a number of different facets,” said Winnye.

With people doing business differently in the market in terms of making sure everyone is following CDC safety guidelines, companies have asked G4S to hire more employees.

“Wearing a face mask, observing the six foot distancing requirement.. they need assistance from us to do that. So we’re really becoming partners with our clients in terms of their safety and security measures,” added Winnye.

“I’m a site captain and project manager. I have approx 16 security officers who I supervise,” said Pedro Julian Garcia Jr., Captain/Project Manager at Gables Estates Club.

Pedro works at the Gables Estates Club in Coral Gables.

He worked for the G4S in 2018 in a separate division then landed this job a month after the pandemic hit.

“I have many friends and family who are still not working till this day as the result of COVID so I feel very fortunate,” said Pedro.

Winnye says these positions are for both experienced and non experienced candidates.

“Anyone who’s looking to develop a career in law enforcement, whether you have experience or not, this is a great way to get a great foundation of what the security business is about and grow with a great company,” said Winnye.

Winnye says they have armed and unarmed security positions available.. If you don’t have security experience, the company encourages you to apply to that unarmed security position.

To apply, click here.