Need a job? This restaurant in Doral is hiring

Posted at 3:26 PM, Oct 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-28 15:26:42-04

“It got tough as time went on because you have to take a little bit from your savings,” said Roberto Lopez.

Roberto was out of work for over six months. He filed for unemployment as soon as he was let go. But the unemployment checks weren’t enough to support his family. Hundreds of thousands of South Floridians are in the same position as Roberto.

“At this point it was just to survive. It got a little bit tough. [It got to a point] where your state of mind [was thinking] you have to get a job. That was the everyday thinking,” said Roberto.

And he did. After months of searching, Roberto was offered a job as a manager at Kuba Cabana, a restaurant in Doral. They’re looking to hire 20 more people.

“As we’re approaching to full capacity we definitely need assistant managers, waiters, bartenders, almost every position because coming from 50% to 100% you have to bring a lot of different positions in,” said Dieuveny Jean Louis, Founder of Kuba Cabana.

Dieuveny says he expects candidates to have experience in the hospitality industry.

“We have a very high intense menu with a lot of different characters to it. So [we’re] looking for experienced people and if they’re not experienced and they qualify for the job, management will train them,” said Dieuveny.

“I was totally happy when they offered me a job and they say this is a type of company you can grow in,” added Roberto.

As a part of our commitment to helping you rebound, we’ve been highlighting companies that are hiring every week. You can find more information on what positions are available at Kuba Cabana by emailing