New restaurant and brewery in Brickell, EST. 33, is hiring

Posted at 2:27 PM, Feb 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-12 09:55:25-05

The hospitality industry is making a slow comeback in South Florida as new restaurants are starting to open. One is located right in our backyard and is looking to hire several full-time employees.

“We just opened on January 29th, so we’re about nine days in. We’re busier than anticipated so we’re looking for fun, energetic, hospitality driven individuals that really hospitality is their passion,” said general manager Cecilia Romero.

New to the U.S., EST.33 Thai Craft Brewery and Kitchen has a team of 65 and they’re looking to hire an additional 15 positions.

“Mainly line cooks, dishwashers, server assistants, reception and food runners,” said Cecilia.

Located on the fourth floor of the mall, Brickell City Centre, the eatery features an extensive covered outdoor patio and bar offering extra room for guests to feel comfortable. Tables are six feet apart and sanitation of all areas are done every half hour.

The name EST.33 is an homage to the start-up of the company’s brewery in Bangkok in 1933.

“Our brewery is our main feature here but we’re also doing elevated southeastern Asian cuisine with a barbecue technique influence,” said Cecilia.

Miami-Dade County’s hospitality industry is recovering but still facing billions of dollars in losses…. Affecting the day-to-day lives of local workers, like Natanael Medrano. He’s spent most of his life in hospitality and continues to work hard every day.

“We were affected by the pandemic, we have less hours, but [I] still thank God that I have a job. So we just keep going and make more everyday,” said barback, Natanael Medrano.

For those who are out of work and looking for a job, Natanael recommends to apply here.

Melissa: "Would you say there’s opportunity to grow in the company"?
Natanael: Y"es, I’m now a barback but in the future I want to be a bartender".

Cecilia says if someone is willing to climb up that ladder, there is room to do so.

For more information about the jobs available and how to apply, click here.