KW Property Management is hiring over 100 employees

One of the largest residential property management firms wants you to join their team
Posted at 3:57 PM, Oct 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-02 15:58:10-04

From housekeeping to senior manager positions, KW Property Management & Consulting in Doral is looking to hire over 100 employees.

“Currently we have over 120 positions open. We have different types of positions. We have front desk attendants. We have also housekeeping positions. We also have administrative support for our properties so each property will have a general manager and then we’ll have an administrative assistant as well,” said Katalina Cruz, Chief Operating Officer.

Requirements for each position vary.

“For example with an administrative assistant we would look for somebody that has experience that has worked in the office, that knows how to handle phone calls [and] that knows how to do some administrative support. On the maintenance side we do look for as well for people that have some experience doing maintenance work,” said Katalina.

The company has been around for 16 years and has over 1,700 employees.

Paul Hemmert is one of them. In 2017, he left the company for a temporary opportunity. Then during the holidays last year, he found himself looking for another job.

“And then came the virus. I realized it was going to become more and more difficult but I tried to stay on every possible link and use all of my networks and folks I know to try to find another position,” said Paul.

When he stumbled upon a position at his former company KWP… he took the chance. Hired last week, he’s now the Regional Vice President of the Central Florida division.

“KW is a unique organization because they have three principles. First leg is ultimately accounting. Their second leg on the maintenance of how they maintain their facility, providing the residents with a safe, clean and well-maintained community. And last, is the quality of service that they give to their customers,” added Paul.

And if you’re wondering if there’s room to grow.

“We’ve had people that have been promoted from being [at] the front desk to an administrative assistant. They’ve gone from being an administrative assistant to a assistant property manager. I’ve had employees that have started in maintenance as a maintenance tech and they have grown within the company to now being a chief engineer,” said Katalina.

To see what positions are available and how to apply, click here.