Out of Work? The Software Company Mi9 Retail in Miami is Hiring

Posted at 4:16 PM, Jul 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-07 16:16:38-04

The pandemic is changing the way people shop around the world.

“Demand is high for us and also the demand is high when it comes to the number of customers we’re trying to take on now,” said Erdem Mustafa, recent hire at Mi9 Retail.

As people have embraced social distancing as a way to slow the spread of the pandemic, there has naturally been a drop-off in brick-and-mortar shopping and an increase in online shopping as people turn to e-commerce to purchase items.

“As opposed to a lot of businesses who have suffered from something like COVID, we’ve seen the pluses from this just because of the industry we’re currently in,” added Erdem.

A recent hire for Mi9 Retail, Erdem Mustafa, says the enterprise software provider for retailers, wholesalers and brands… is looking for help to meet the demand.

“Coronavirus has really changed a lot of things in the retail space as we all know. Particularly in things like grocery, which has moved the online grocery industry probably five years into the future in the last 120 days,” said Charles Kaplan, Chief Revenue Officer for Mi9 Retail.

Charles says there are many positions available at their Miami location.

“We’re hiring for positions in sales, marketing and business development. It happens to be just a very strong market for that today,” added Charles.

Charles says they’re not just looking for people with experience, motivation and the willingness to learn goes a long way.

“People that are passionate, love to come to work everyday, are inspired by what they do,” said Charles.

Charles says there are more jobs available than listed, to get more information you can email

To apply, click here.