rbb Communications is hiring and supports working remotely

Posted at 4:43 PM, Dec 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-08 16:43:37-05

South Floridians, if you find yourself unemployed, some companies are still hiring during these uncertain times. Every week on the rebound, we’ve been featuring companies that are hiring.

This week, a nationally-recognized integrated communications agency has entry to senior level positions available.

“We have done so well throughout COVID because we have been a flexible workplace for more than 10 years. We were actually pandemic ready,” said Tina Elmowitz, Partner and Chief People Officer at RBB Communications.

Known for their remote working culture, rbb Communications is ready to add around 5-6 people to their team. The firm has been around for over 40 years, with a global network extending across more than 100 cities and 50 countries.

“We serve a range of clients. We do a lot of corporate work, consumer, healthcare, travel, education, it really is a large mix,” said Tina.

Positions and requirements vary.

“We have an entry level positions available, which is an assistant account executive. I look for recent college graduates who have interned and understand the fast pace of an agency. It’s really important that everyone takes a writing test, it’s the first step in the process. Separately, for a position like a senior account executive it’s a bit more specialized. I’m looking for someone with a least four years of experience who is a problem solver, has polished written and verbal communication skills and understands the mix of digital pr that our clients require,” said Tina.

“While I’ve never met my colleagues in person, I still feel very connected to them,” said Rachel Geradi, Assistant Account Executive at rbb Communications.

Recent college grad Rachel Geradi, landed an internship with the company right after graduation. After just three months, she moved up within the company and is now an assistant account executive.

“We work on a mix of clients across a variety of industries like professional services, electrical utilities, engineering services, medical supplies, [and] hospitality industries. We’re an integrated firm that really helps create the full picture so I’m grateful to be getting a diverse hands-on experience,” said Rachel.

“I look for their communication skills, that’s number one for me. How do they talk, what types of words do they use, do they ask good questions, are they curious and interested. Have they read up and what type of experience do they have, which is equally important,” added Tina.

If you think this is for you, head to for more information on the available positions and requirements. You can also email Tina at