The nationwide chain, Chuy's, is hiring over 80 employees for their new Pembroke Pines location

Posted at 4:50 PM, Jan 05, 2021

Chuy’s in Pembroke Pines is looking for over 80 employees to join their team.

“Servers, cocktail bartenders, bussers, janitorial, line cooks and prep people. Anything that you can think of that you’ve seen in a restaurant, we need,” said Chris Dupin, General Manager at Chuy’s Pembroke Pines.

Chuy’s has been around for over 35 years with restaurants across the country.. making this one their third location in South Florida. To prepare for the opening slated for mid-February, they’ve started the hiring process this week.

“Masks to enter the building, masks during the interviews and six foot distancing rules are going to be in place here. Hand washing and sanitizing consistently, which is something we’d normally do but now it’s really taking a precedence. It’s paramount,” said Chris.

“We’ve been in COVID for almost a year now. So wearing a mask is normal, so it wasn’t much of a big deal,” said recent hire Courtney Smith.

Courtney Smith was just hired as a bartender and says it was a three-day process for him.

“It’s a new restaurant and a new beginning for me and I just wanted to see what Chuy’s has to offer,” said Courtney.

“Some of the core things we’re looking for is a positive attitude, good work ethic and the willingness to have fun at work,” said Chris.

Chris says there is room to grow within the company. If you’re interested, you can apply online at or in-person, as long as you’re wearing a mask.

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