They're hiring! This nationwide company is hiring over 1,000 people in Florida

Posted at 4:31 PM, Aug 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-28 16:31:41-04

Olga Fields lost her job in March. She worked in retail for years. After two months of being furloughed, she was hired at Hair Cuttery as a district leader.

“I run 13 salons all the way from homestead to Aventura. My job is really to go inspire, motivate, run the business and see how we’re doing. Look for great people [and] talent scout,” added Olga.

The full-service hair salon has 75 locations in South Florida and they’re hiring over 1,000 people. Requirements include experience in the hair styling industry.

“We’re looking for talented stylists. People who are passionate about their craft. All of our stylists are a licensed cosmetologist from the state. Anybody who would be applying to work at Hair Cuttery is already licensed and already a professional,” said Seth Gittlitz, CEO of Hair Cuttery Family of Brands.

The company launched “Curbsite Cuts”, available at their Aventura location, for clients who aren't comfortable sitting inside the store. Even though social distancing and safety guidelines are in place.

“We put up some tents, this way people can sit in the chair outside under the tent and be able to get their service in the open air. I think being in the open are gives some of our customers some extra comfort, and we want to do anything we can for that,” said Seth.

As for Olga, she says she’s already found her place in the company after just a couple of months.

“Gratitude comes first. I’m grateful, beyond grateful. Two, it means a sense of security knowing that I have an income and three, the ability to touch people and the ability to do what I love to do,” added Olga.

Seth says to avoid crowded salons, they are only allowing appointments at all of their locations. To learn more about the jobs available and to apply, click here.