This dental boutique is expanding and hiring new employees

Posted at 11:36 AM, Nov 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-19 15:29:34-05

Known for cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique in Broward County, is opening a new location in Miami. Meaning, they’re looking for people to hire. To name a few positions:

“Endodontist, pediatric dentist, oral maxillofacial surgeon,” Dr. April Patterson.

Dr. April Patterson has been passionate about becoming a dentist since she was a little girl. After many years of school she opened her first location in Fort Lauderdale and has been serving clients for over 10 years.

“Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique and Spa is a cosmetic dental practice with a focus in cosmetic dentistry such as veneers, implants, crowns and white bondings. We are also going to have a second portion where we focus on cosmetic medical procedures,” said Dr. Patterson.

Dr. Patty says there are three things she looks for in a candidate:

  1. Having a positive attitude
  2. Being coachable and open to learning new techniques
  3. Having the ability to execute

“It takes a certain kind of person to provide the services Dr. Patty wants to give to people. She is all about customer service and our clients come first. So we just want people who are friendly and want to help people,” said Anais Suarez, Director of Operations.

Anais says she worked for Dr. Patty for four years and has since grown within the company.

“I actually started working for Dr. Patty as a treatment plan coordinator then I worked myself up to become a manager within the company. I even had the opportunity to grow on my own and leave and then get re-hired which is something you don’t see everyday,” said Anais.

“We look for people who want to grow. One of the questions that we ask on our application is about growth and if we don’t have people who don’t want growth, generally that’s not a good thing,” said Dr. Patty.

Dr. Patty says their new location in Miami will be open sometime early next year but they’re starting the hiring and training process now. Around 10 positions are available. To see more information, click here.