Broward schools superintendent talks possible in-class services for ESE students

Morning and afternoon shifts might be an option
Posted at 4:23 PM, Aug 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-04 16:23:30-04

Borward county public schools superintendent Robert Runcie announced he is hoping to test out in-person instruction for students with disabilities.

If staff and families of children with special needs volunteer, Runcie hopes to run this pilot program at a limited number of schools.

"This pilot effort will help us to better learn and understand the issues and challenges which may come up, and how we can mitigate them," he said. "With this effort, and hopefully improved pandemic conditions, we will be able to consider expanding school based instruction for these particular students with disabilities."

Runcie said he is also hoping to improve the quality and effectiveness of online learning. The county is working on creating an afternoon and evening session to accommodate families who work during the day.

Parents will also have a university of their own that will provide strategies and support to help them adjust to online learning.

Live, instructional hours will be provided on a daily basis for students. This means students will have face-to-face lessons with their teacher over video chat.

There will be a special school board workshop on August 10 at noon, where the county will discuss the final reopening plans and present their final draft.