The After School All Stars program provides support for both students and parents

Posted at 4:02 PM, Aug 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-03 16:02:30-04

After School All Stars is a non profit that provides free after-school programs for kids living in underserved areas, and despite the coronavirus they’re still doing their part to make sure every kid’s interests are supported.

T’Challa Hutchison looks forward to the After School All Stars program every day.

“We learned a lot of US history, Black history, Japanese history, a lot of histories of different cultures and it was eyeopening because I definitely don’t think I would’ve learned this on my own until a lot later,” said T’Challa

The 14-year-old attended the nonprofit’s virtual camp over the summer. For her it was educational, fun and interactive.

“We’re working on homework, bonding and socializing with other people including teachers and my peers. It made me a bit more connected instead of just schooling,” added T’Challa.

“I think it’s awesome that she has people to interact with. I know she really doesn’t like the fact that she’s not with them in person but for me safety comes first,” said Erica Green, her mother.

Erica says she signed her daughter up for the after school program two years ago. It was helpful then and extremely helpful now.

“I was like I’m all for it. Because for me if I’m at work I don’t want her to be home and trying to figure out what to do. I don’t want you to get into anything. So I know that they have you doing something constructive, which is also very entertaining for you, so yes let’s do it,” added Erica.

After School All Stars not only offers programs to help kids stay on track and get ahead… but they provide other services to those in need.

“We were able to distribute over 100,000 of publix gift cards to our families. Obviously we are focused on education and school but you can’t focus on those things when you’re hungry and we realized that one need has to be met before the other one is taking place,” Sean Prospect, Executive Director of After School All Stars.

“It’s definitely like coming closer and more intertwined with others and it’s a lot of fun,” added T’Challa.

Sean says the the program is free. The nonprofit partners with schools around the world. To see if your school offers their after school program, you can contact your school or email