Local Cuban-Fusion Eatery Looking to Hire

Posted at 5:02 PM, Jun 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-15 17:20:36-04

Although the Coronavirus has slowed down hiring significantly, there are a good amount of companies in South Florida who are still hiring amid the pandemic including a local restaurant in Miami.

Caja Caliente, a Cuban-fusion eatery in Coral Gables known for it’s home cooked meals, is back in business.

Like every non-essential business in South Florida, the family-owned restaurant had to close it’s doors for dine-in when the pandemic started. However, Monica Leon, founder and owner of Caja Caliente, didn’t waste any time.

“Obviously, COVID-19 affected all of us in the hospitality industry, mentally. And me personally, I’ve taken this time to restructure my company. See things I needed to work on and fix. Part of that was my team. A lot of people left,” said Monica.

Monica opened the restaurant with her mother in 2016, since then they’ve been a local favorite, specializing in foods that represent Miami like Cuban tacos.

“We’re known for good home cooked meals, Cuban style, family style. Locals love it. It's very locally driven. Flavors that we grew up eating with our parents and our grandparents,” said Monica.

With plans to expand, the company needs more employees.

“We’re definetly looking for servers right now at this moment, for the brick and mortar restaurant in Coral Gables. We also have line cook and grill positions available in our food trucks. And we also have an event sales coordinator [position] for our food trucks,” said Monica.

“I’m really lucky because I left the other place last week and here I am this week already,” said Desi Martin, Manager at Caja Caliente.

Today was Desi’s first day on the job. He was let go at his previous company because it was sold. It happened during the pandemic but that didn’t stop him from looking for jobs right away.

“I think what helped me out was my experience. I’ve been doing this for a long time. I was able to fit right in. I'm Latin, I speak two languages. I’m experienced in this kind of menu and atmosphere,” said Desi.

The main requirements to work here?

"We’re just looking for people who are reliable who have experience In the hospitality industry. People that want to come to work, that want to be involved in our story, and want to be part of our family and that want to share my message and my mom's message with all of our guests. What's most important to us that the guest feels at home and part of our family,” said Monica.

Monica says the two food trucks plan to open very soon, and will be driving around Brickell, Wynwood, and more areas to come. For more on Caja Caliente, click here.
To apply they can email